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Five Basic Ballet Positions Poster Free Download

Five Basic Ballet Positions Poster Free Download

Every ballerina's dancing journey begins with five basic positions. I think of them as the building blocks of ballet and once the tutu is on they can become part of any routine.

To get your little dancer remembering each position between classes download our super cute ballet positions poster to help style up their ballerina bedroom. 

5 Basic Ballet Positions Poster

I've outlined each of the positions in the Glossary of Essential Ballet Terms post previously but in case you missed it I've popped them below.


The five positions

There are five basic positions that every little dancer will learn that are the building blocks of ballet. 

1st Position Ballet Illustration

First position

In first position, the dancer stands with their heels as close together as is possible and toes facing outward, and their whole foot should be touching the floor.

2nd Position Ballet Illustration

Second position

This position is similar, with the feet still turned outwards, except instead of being together, feet are about hip-width distance apart. In this position, the arms are extended outwards in a straight line.

3rd Position Ballet Illustration

Third position

With third position, you start in first position and then move the heel of one foot to the middle of the other foot. For your arms, one arm stays in second position while the other is brought in front of you. 

4th Position Ballet Illustration

Fourth position

In fourth position, one foot is placed in front of the other with your feet turned out to the sides. There will be some space between your front foot and back foot. One arm stays in second position whilst the arm that is on the same side as the back leg is raised upwards. 

5th Position Ballet Illustration

Fifth position

In fifth position, you place one foot in front of the other, as you would in fourth position, but the toe of your rear foot touches the heel of your front foot and vice versa. There is no space between your feet in fifth position and your legs are straight. Both arms are raised overhead, with a slight bend in your elbows and delicate curve of your wrist so your fingertips face each other. 


Simply click here to download the A4 poster then print and frame.

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