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Little Ballerinas at the ballet barre

More than just fun... the benefits of dancing for little twirlers

Dancing is more than just a fun and expressive artform, it is also a form of exercise that offers many of benefits, particularly for your little ones. Dance classes can help children develop physically, socially, and emotionally. Here are some of the key benefits of regularly twirling through a dance class:

Little Dancers Practicing Balance

1. Physical Development

Through learning and practicing their positions and pliés, little dancers develop coordination, balance, flexibility, strength, and endurance. Your little dancer will have improved posture, body awareness and overall physical fitness.

2. Social Development

Dance classes provide a wonderful opportunity for children to interact with others their own age and build relationships. Little dancers will need to work together, communicate, and respect each other and each others boundaries through any dance class. Dancing can also have the added benefit of developing confidence, as they learn to perform in front of an audience and their peers.

3. Emotional Development

Dancing provides an outlet for self-expression and creativity, helping to develop a positive self-image and inner confidence. Dancing can also be a stress reliever – leaping and pirouetting through class has been found to relieve stress in little dancers.

4. Cognitive Development

Learning dance routines requires children to use their memory and concentration skills and involves learning rhythm and timing. These skills can help develop a sense of timing and coordination, skills that come in handy in all aspects of their daily life.

    Be it ballet, tap, jazz or hip hop, all forms of dance are engaging, fun and creative forms of exercise; all of which help children grow and develop in a number of ways.

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