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Make an Adorable 3D Mother's Day Card

Make an Adorable 3D Mother's Day Card

This adorable Mother's Day card is easy to make and guaranteed to make Mum smile. Little people will need to be old enough to handle scissors for this craft.

What You'll Need

  • Blank white card (we used A4 size)
  • Two sheets of coloured paper (we chose two shades of pink because we're obsessed)
  • Scissors
  • Clear craft glue (Elmer's or similar)
  • Felt tip pen or fine marker
  • 10cm length of narrow ribbon

Step 1: Create your backing card

Fold your white card in half to create the A5 backing card for your bouquet of hearts.

Next you'll need to cut your coloured paper into smaller rectangles, we cut our sheet in half vertically then into 5 even-ish sections. Finished sizes were about 6cm by 10cm each, this does not need to be exact.

Coloured Paper for Mother's Day Heart Card

Step 2: Cut out the hearts

Take one of your coloured paper pieces and fold in half. Then use your scissors to cut a half heart shape along the fold.

Shape to cut for Mother's Day Heart Card

Unfold your paper to reveal your first heart... awwww.

Cut Paper Heart For Mother's Day Heart Card

Repeat this step with your other coloured rectangles, make them different sizes and shapes. We used a total of 9 little hearts to create our card.

Your first paper heart for Mother's Day Heart Card

Step 3: Glue the hearts to the card

Add a small dot of glue to the centre of the heart along the fold and place on the backing card near the top.

Glue hearts to card for Mother's Day Heart Card

Then work your way down the card placing the hearts in a bouquet shape.

Create your bunch of hearts for Mother's Day Heart Card

Step 4: Draw the strings

Using a felt tip pen (our pen was pink of course) draw some strings from the hearts to the centre of the card near the bottom of the paper. We drew four little strings.

Draw strings for heart bunch for Mother's Day Heart Card

Step 5: Add a bow

Take your narrow ribbon and tie a sweet bow then glue to the card where the strings meet.

Add a bow to finish your card Mother's Day Heart Card

Step 6: Add your message

Don't forget to write a message to Mum to express how wonderful she is and how much you love her. Good luck!


Finished Mother's Day Heart Card

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