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The Dance Bag Essentials Checklist

The Dance Bag Essentials Checklist

Have you ever had that feeling when you’ve got your child ready in record time for their after school recital, only to realise they've forgotten their dance shoes or drink bottle and there is no time to turn around and start over? 

Having the right essentials packed and ready for any dance class can save you worry and time. 

Flo Dancewear Ballet Bag Essentials


First and foremost you'll need the perfect sized dance bag to make sure everything you need is in the one spot. Our ideal sized bag can be purchased here.

Dancers love when their accessories match, so having a bag that goes with what they are wearing is a great way to make sure they hold onto it and don’t leave it in class!
Flo Dancewear Leather Ballet Shoes


Dance ready shoes are surely the most important essential in a dancer's bag. You'll want shoes that are appropriate for the class, and some regular shoes on hand for getting to and from class!

Great shoes for getting to ballet class are some nice a cosy Ugg Boots, they leave plenty of room to slip right over little feet with ballet shoes already on! The Ugg Boots will protect the ballet shoes while traveling to and from the dance studio.

Otherwise, a pair of sneakers, thongs or moon boots work a treat! This will ensure their shoes will last as long as possible and that no matter the weather, they won’t get damaged en route! Find our high-quality ballet shoes here.

Little Ballerina at the Ballet Barre in Pink Crossover with Bow


You never know when the weather is going to change, so making sure whether its summer or winter, they have an extra layer of clothing is definitely a necessity! Choosing a cross over or zippered jumper is perfect. This makes sure that they don’t ruin their perfect bun. Even for warming up and cooling down, having those easy layers that they can throw on and off is perfect for making sure they stay comfortable and warm.


Having a ballet bun or neat hairstyle for their dance class is a must. But making sure either one of these is possible can be tricky business if you don’t have the right tools!

The basics you'll need for a classic ballet bun:

  • Natural bristle brush
  • Hairspray
  • Hair Elastics
  • Open pins
  • Bobby Pins (closed pins)
  • Hairnet to match hair colour

An easy to follow ‘step-by-step’ video can be found here to make this even easier.

Have a few on hand and you'll be ready to help out another parent in need - it's a great way to help you connect with other parents!


You never know what might happen before, during or after dance class but it's always better to be prepared for the little mishaps. A Band-Aid is something we all wish more people would have on hand!

Pack a few plasters in their bags for those unexpected moments! Having a few stashed in the glove compartment of your car is also a life-saver.

Little Ballerina putting bunnny in a her ballet bag


Tights are not always a necessity depending on what dance form your child is involved with. However, they are a requirement for all ballet classes and a good pair of tights can make every twist and turn more comfortable for little dancers!

A spare set of tights packed in your dance bag will be a class saver on those odd occasions you forget to grab a pair of tights on your way out the door!

Getting a rip in their tights is definitely something that happens every now and again, so having an extra set ready to go is a great way to stay stress-free. 

Little Ballerina Pack Her Ballet Bag


Ever had a last-minute snack that was smeared down their front just before an important event? Wished you’d brought a spare leotard with you for just that moment?

Making sure you’ve got an extra one stashed away in their dance bag will ensure your little ballerina will always be looking fresh and proper for class! See our range of leotards here.


You’ve just picked your little dancer up from school, she’s hungry and tired and needs a little pick-me-up... and vóila you are all prepped with a snack packed and ready to eat!

Having that little bit of brain food ready-to-go is perfect for powering through every pirouette the teacher has planned. A piece of fruit, a protein ball or her favorite muesli bar are perfect to fuel some dancing.


Keeping our children hydrated can be difficult at times, so making sure there is a reusable drink bottle on hand is great to ensure they’re constantly sipping. Choose a drink bottle with a pop-out straw or stopper that is less likely to spill on their leotard.


If you have back to back kids' activities, or the traffic is terrible it's a great idea to pack an activity to keep busy little people occupied whilst waiting. A good book, some colouring-in, even a bit of homework, or the family iPad, will ensure they stay happy and occupied in between dancing.

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