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Flo Activewear Yoga Child's Pose

Starting Your Day On The Right Foot

Although many of us have adorable little humans in our worlds who are ready to command our attention from the get-go every morning, sometimes it is important to remember how much your mood and perspective can affect your entire day! So, why not give yourself the best possible chance to make it an incredible one, not only for your family, friends and work colleagues, but also for YOURSELF!

Here at FLO, our team try to start their mornings to give themselves the best chance of being not only productive and efficient, but ultimately happy!

Here are three things we try to start our mornings with!

This is a great way to release tension in muscles that can be build up over a night's rest. Give yourself just a few moments in the morning to ease this out of your system
  1. Lower spine: Lying flat on your back arms out to the side at shoulder height, bend your knees then look to the left wall and twist both your legs and your hips to the right side. Repeat on each side 5 times.
  2. Calves: Stand up and lean forward with your hands outstretched to a wall. Bent one leg and place slight pressure on the hell of your other foot. Hold for 10 counts and repeat on the other leg. Try it for 2 reps each side. 
  3. Quads: Standing straight on your right leg, bend your left and hold your foot (slightly place your right hand on the wall if needed) Ensure your hips are even. Hold for 10 counts then swap sides. 
Green Juice

Green Smoothie on Marble Bench

Photo credit: Alison Marras @foodbymars

Starting your morning with a green juice is not only a way to alkalize your body and prepare it for food, but it can be a great way to immediately set up your healthy habits and mindset for the whole day!

In need of a recipe? Here's our recommendation!

Combine the following and blend:

  • Coconut water (around 250 mls)
  • 3 ice cubes
  • Half a ripe pear
  • Big handful of spinach
  • One small spoon full of chia seeds

If you're training or dancing later, or simply know you have a charged day ahead, add half a frozen banana and/or some protein powder for some energy!

Got your own recipe? We would love to hear yours on our facebook page or Instagram direct message!

A hint of Mindfulness

Flo Activewear Meditation

Being mindful in everyday life is something we all struggle with. Constantly thinking about the future, planning and being on the go restricts us from allowing ourselves to enjoy the everyday moment. That is why I love to implement a morning mindfulness moment.

  1. Lie flat on your back with arms to your side. Close your eyes and hear the world moving around you. Start to look within, noticing your breath. Breathe in through the nose out through the mouth
  2. Let your muscles release any tension and slowly, consciously let go of any stress. Focus just on your breathing and the sensation in your body in the present moment. Try this for 5 minutes!

Try these easy and simple routine additions to not only be the best parent you can be, but also to feel your best from the inside and out!

We would love to hear how you start your day! Comment below to share your morning routine.

With love,

The Flo Dancewear Team xx

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