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Quick Fix: How to stop a run in your ballet tights

Quick Fix: How to stop a run in your ballet tights

Ballet tights are an essential part of everyday dancewear and, as any dancer will know, it's super easy to get a hole in them.

With this simple hack you can stop a runner in your tights and prevent any holes from getting bigger.

All you'll need is a bottle of clear nail polish and some holey tights!

Repair your tights in 3 easy steps

Step 1: Apply nail polish around the hole in your ballet tights.

It is easier to see any holes whilst you are wearing the tights, so before taking them off after class check for any holes and apply the nail polish.

Apply Nail Polish to Tights for a Quick Fix

Step 2: Allow to dry.

Once the nail polish has dried tights can be stretched and pulled without making the hole any bigger.

Ballet Tights Quick Fix

Step 3: A stitch in time.

If you have a sizeable hole stitch it together with a needle and thread after applying the nail polish. Perfect for those hidden areas like toes and heels which can't be seen during class.

*Keep the clear nail polish in your dance bag so you are ready to stop any holes as soon as they appear.

Don't forget to keep a brand new pair of tights on hand for any performances!


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