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Flo Dancewear Ballet Dance Curiosity

Put Your Child's Dance Curiosity Into Action

With the New Year starting, you may be beginning to think of new ways for your children to start engaging more in their passions and interests. A great way to enable them to do this is by getting them involved in dancing! This will provide them with the opportunity to get moving, be active, make new friends and have fun!

Once you can see your child has a curiosity towards dancing, or you simply want to help spark their interest, a little look into how to get them started is crucial!

Let’s put this newfound curiosity into action!

Flo Dancewear Curious Ballerina

Look at the school first

Depending on the age of your child, picking a school that is orientated around the purpose of their dance classes is crucial. For example, if you’re wanting to simply spark their interest, having a less competitive environment with a school that focuses on embracing individuality and that wants to help sparks their passion is perfect. However, if you are wanting your child to focus on specifically improving their skills and techniques, then finding a more regimented school will better enable them to focus on progressing your child’s dancing.

Also, check out the school’s open days (usually available online or on their social media platforms) to get a better understanding of the style of the school. Make sure the teacher makes you feel comfortable asking questions and being involved in your child’s progress, and ensure the teacher has appropriate qualifications in the dancing industry.

Clarify what you need to bring

A great way to get a better understanding of the necessities for your child’s first lesson and semester is by going to an open day. The teacher will ensure that you have a good understanding of what is required for your child to begin dancing at their school. These dates can usually be found on their online websites or through their social media platforms

Check out our previous blog post on Dance Class Essentials to make sure you’ve got everything!


This is an important one because if you are just starting off you want to be somewhere close to home. There is a good chance you'll know other kids in the class, which means your child will likely have more fun and stick with it. An added bonus is more possibility to do carpools with other parents.

So what is the most important step in preparing your child to have an ongoing interest in dancing?


It is imperative to stay engaged and interested in their learning and passion towards dance. As they look up to you as a role model in their life, they also look to you for validation and support. Therefore, making sure you overtly express your support to them is crucial for their personal development and turning a mere interest into a PASSION!

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