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Perfecting your little dancer's ballet bun

Perfect your little dancer's ballet bun by taming those flyaways and baby hairs with the Slick Stick™. It's great for recitals, concerts or audition hairdos.

Tools to create the perfect ballet bun

Perfect Ballet Bun Equipment

  1. A hair brush
  2. A hair tie
  3. Your preferred hair spray
  4. Bobby Pins and Hair pins
  5. A hair net to colour match your dancers hair
  6. A Slick Stick™

How to perfect your ballet bun

The perfect ballet bun step 1

Before you start make sure your little dancer has clean, dry hair. Start by brushing out any knots. Then gather the hair high at the back of the head (not on top of their head) and secure with a hair elastic.

The perfect ballet bun step 2
Use a light spray of hair spray to brush back loose hair, then use your brush to neaten the front and sides.

The perfect ballet bun step 3Using a brush or comb, tease/backcomb your little dancers ponytail to give her ballet bun more body.

The perfect ballet bun step 4Twist the ponytail slightly and twirl around the hair elastic to create a donut shape. Secure with hair pins or bobby pins.

The perfect ballet bun step 6Cover the ballet bun with hair net shaping the bun into a neat circle and secure with more hair pins.

The perfect ballet bun step 8Then using your Slick Stick™ work from hairline toward the ballet bun taming the baby hairs and flyaways.

And voilá! Your little dancer is ready for the stage!

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