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My first ever ballet class

My first ever ballet class

Do you have a budding ballerina in the family? Are you a ballet class newbie? This is my experience of my first ballet class and top tips on what you'll need for your little dancer's first class.

My first ever ballet class

I remember so clearly my first ever ballet class, I was 3 years old.

Upstairs from my kinder at the time was a ballet school, I could hear the sounds of ballet music through the floor and little feet skipping and jumping. I was very curious and asked Mum to see what they were doing when she picked me up from Kinder. Mum took me upstairs to watch.

I thought the girls in class were so pretty in their dance leotards and ballet tutus with ballet buns and ribbons in their hair. I recognised some of my little friends in the dance class. When the class was finished the ballet teacher gave them all something yummy to eat—I later worked out it was jelly beans!

With dressing up, friends and treats, it was no wonder I couldn’t wait to go to ballet class! My mum booked me into the next class and once I walked into that ballet studio I didn’t want come home. It was everything I had dreamed of and more, dancing became my life from that day onwards!

Top tips for your little dancer’s first ballet class

  • Find a local ballet class not only for convenience but chances are you’ll know some of the other students.
  • Check the class timetables and make sure they work with your schedule. It’s great if the school offers other classes, like jazz or contemporary, in case your little dancer wants to try something else.
  • Take one of their friends along so it’s less daunting. It’s always more comfortable to have someone you know in the room.
  • Start your little ballerina off on a good note and pick a dance school that is fun, with skilled teachers who relate to your child from the beginning.
  • If your child enjoys their first couple of classes you’ll need to purchase a leotard or uniform (the ballet school will specify), a few pairs of tights and a pair of ballet shoes.
  • Take a small bag, like our ballet bag, with a bottle of water and a spare pair of tights. Little dancers get holes in their tights very quickly, see this video on how to get more wears from them.
  • Inspire your little dancer prior to class by watching some dancing videos - Coppélia and the Nutcracker are great or even something like Angelina Ballerina to get them excited and more comfortable with going to a class.
  • During class it’s your chance to sit back and relax. Enjoy the beautiful music and watching your little one learn to dance.

There are so many benefits of dancing for kiddies. It's great for little muscles, minds and spirits. It’s also really good for their posture later on (…as I sit slightly higher writing this).

Not every child will love ballet as I did, if your little one decides it’s not for them perhaps try some other dance styles. Dancing should be a positive experience, with no pressure if they love it or not!

If you have questions or need any tips please comment below.


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