How to do the perfect Ballet Bun

How to do the perfect Ballet Bun


The essential hair style for any ballerina (or their Mum) to master. Learn how to create the perfect ballet bun for class, taught by former Senior Artist for the Australian Ballet, Felicia Palanca.


1. Tie a pony tail

Using a bristle brush pull their hair into a ponytail at the peak of the head and tie with a no-snag hair elastic.

2. Tame fly aways

Apply hairspray and brush the fly aways towards the ponytail. Re-tie the ponytail if needed.

3. Create the ballet bun

Roll the pony in to a donut shape using hair pins secure it. Apply a hair net to mould ballet bun in to the perfect shape then remove the hair pins and reapply over the hair net.

4. Set in place

Apply hairspray to your finished ballet bun and brush up or pin any fly aways.

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