Free Pattern: Ballet Santa Sack

Free Pattern: Ballet Santa Sack

With Christmas just around the corner, we've put together a super cute Ballet Shoe Santa Sack pattern for your little dancer. We've included letters so you can personalise it too! 

All the instructions and pattern pieces are on the downloadable pattern available here.

You will need

Flo Dancewear Ballet Christmas Santa Sack

From your local fabric & haberdashery store (we found everything at Spotlight):

  • 40cm x 50cm piece of Vliesofix
  • 55cm x 130cm piece of calico or broadcloth (for the sack) 
  • 5 different coloured ‘flat fats’ of cotton fabric
  • 12cm x 115cm piece of contrast fabric for drawstring channel
  • 150cm of 15mm of satin ribbon to use for a drawstring
  • Sewing thread (white & pink)


  • An iron
  • A sharp pair of fabric scissors
  • A printer and paper (to print the pattern)
  • A pencil
  • A sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Needles


For the Appliqué Ballet Shoes

  1. Download the pattern and print at 100% size.
  2. Trace each piece and letter that you need onto the backing of the Vliesofix. 
  3. Roughly cut each shape & letter out of the Vliesofix (on the outside your pencil line).
  4. Iron Vliesofix pieces onto the back of your chosen fabrics.
  5. Once cooled neatly cut out the pieces of fabric as per your tracing on the Vliesofix backing. Remove the paper backing from each piece.
  6. Fold the calico in half so you have a 55 x 65 rectangle and iron. The folded edge is the bottom of your sack.
  7. Position the ballet shoe pieces centred on the folded calico. Layer the elements of your shoes and ribbon as per the labeled diagram starting with the shoes then ribbons and working up to the bow at the top.
  8. Once you are happy with the position of the pieces start ironing piece by piece to the backing fabric. Apply enough time and heat so the edges do not lift but being careful not to burn the fabrics.

Flo Dancewear Ballet Christmas Santa Sack

To Sew the Bag

  1. Turn the sack fabric inside out with the right side in (the appliquéd shoes will be inside the bag). Pin the calico along the right and left edges.
  2. Use a sewing machine to sew the sides of your bag. Starting at the bottom of your bag sew along the left side of your bag with a 1cm seam allowance (the bottom of your bag is the folded edge). Repeat for the right side.

Add the Drawstring Channel

  1. Cut a piece of contrasting fabric 12cm x 112cm. We used the same glittery silver fabric as the name.
  2. Fold in half with right sides together. Your fold will be on the short side.
  3. Sew the short edges, with a 1cm seam allowance, together. Leaving a 2cm gap in the stitching from the centre point to one side for the drawstring entry and exit point. 
  4. Turn over a 1cm seam allowance on both raw edges and iron. Then turn right side out and fold in half on the long edge. Once folded your fabric will measure 10x50cm. 
  5. Place the folded edge over the open end of your drawstring bag - one half of your fabric will be inside the bag, the other outside. Pin in place and sew along the bottom edge.
  6. With a safety pin on the end of your ribbon feed in the ribbon though the stitch gap in your drawstring side seam. Thread it around the top of the bag.

Flo Dancewear Christmas Ballet Santa Sack

Ta-da! Finished!

Now all you need to do is fill it with stocking stuffers on Christmas Eve! 

No-Sew Option

If you aren't handy with a sewing machine or don't have access to one simply purchase a white pillowcase and apply the applique to it. Use a ribbon to tie closed.

You can download the pattern and instructions here.

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