Entertain your little dancers with these fun Ballet activities

Entertain your little dancers with these fun Ballet activities

Now more than ever, we need to be creative to entertain our little ones as we’re forced indoors more than we are used to. Physical activity is so important not just for general health but for the whole family’s mental wellbeing. Encouraging children to be little ballerinas provides a gorgeous activity to keep them happy and moving whilst allowing their imaginations to run wild.

Here are a few of my ideas on how to keep your little ones twirling in their tutus these school holidays.

Flo Dancewear Kids Ballet Concert

1. Host and Perform in Their Very Own Lounge Room Ballet Concert

Most children just LOVE to dress up, so why not challenge them to create their own little dance concert, complete with home-made tickets and a special stage to keep busy minds occupied. Just pop on some ballet music or a ballet video from YouTube such as The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty or Swan Lake and let them just move to the music.

There are many Ballet and dance videos available on YouTube that provide great physical activity for little ones whilst being entertained and using their imaginations (A great place to start is The Wiggles Channel). Let them dress up in their best FLO dancewear or ballet outfit, and twirl away for an hour with mum, dad and siblings as the audience. This is actually how I began my life long obsession with ballet; by watching and dancing to videos such as this from the age of 4!

Blue I Style Ballerina Cupcakes

2. Make Super Cute and Delicious Ballet Themed Treats

After a ballet concert or dancing session, you’ll probably have some hungry little dancers.

Why not finish the day with a cooking class making these super cute ballerina cookies or cupcakes or for something healthier these banana ballerina sticks are a cute and simple treat to make.

Paper & Glue Ballerina Craft Idea

3. Get Your Little Dancers Crafting

To continue the ballet theme you could try a cute craft activity like these ballerina popsicle sticks or these pretty paper snowflake ballerinas and this gorgeous colouring-in and tissue paper idea.

If you are sharing videos of your little dancers at play, please tag @flodancewear - I love seeing them twirling and creating!

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